AUGUST 31, 2023

3 min read

New feature: Introducing AI Summaries for Canopy

Synthesize multiple expert insights into comprehensive summary reports in seconds.

We are super excited to announce the launch of AI Summaries for Canopy! This powerful new feature is designed to help you save time and tackle information overload.

Projects such as Due Diligence or market studies can be extensive and time-sensitive. To address this, we developed Canopy, an asynchronous video tool that helps our clients hit deadlines by delivering a high N of expert insights without a significant time investment. However, a considerable amount of project time was still spent consolidating transcripts and extracting relevant information.

That's where AI Summaries come in.

With powerful generative AI, Canopy now automatically synthesizes multiple expert insights into a comprehensive summary report!

  1. Synthesize data in seconds. Save hours spent on manual data consolidation - let generative AI do it for you.
  2. Speed up your analysis. Download a succinct PDF report with attributable quotes, share it with the wider team, and jump straight to the key takeaways.
  3. Visualize your quantitative data. See clear graphs for any multiple-choice questions to enrich your findings.

How does Canopy combined with AI Summaries make your research process more efficient?

1. Gather insights asynchronously.

Fire & forget approach means we gather expert insights via video, while you’re focusing on other areas of your research. No call scheduling, less administrative hassle.

2. Synthesize insights with AI.

Save hours by downloading a concise AI-powered summary, jump straight to the main findings and share them with the team for faster analysis. No more manual data consolidation.

3. Conduct in-depth calls only with the best experts.

All summaries provide attributable quotes as proof points. Click through them to listen to the full Canopy answer, review the expert profile and see exactly which expert is worth your time. No more unproductive, time-wasting calls.

Would you like to see it in action?Book a quick demo call with us today!

When should I use Canopy & AI summaries?

  1. Streamline customer interviews in due diligence. Replace countless repetitive, hour-long calls. Collect high volumes of insights via video with Canopy, download a concise summary report and jump straight to analysis. See the main findings, key highlights and the most insightful experts at a glance.
  2. Replace follow-up calls. When more questions come up after the expert call or post-survey, there's no need to schedule more calls. Get the answers you need with Canopy, while saving time and budget. Download AI summary reports to get to the main findings faster.
  3. Get insights when there's little time. Support hypothesis creation, preliminary findings or address urgent questions from stakeholders. Canopy delivers insights via video, with little budget and without wasting your time. Get to key findings faster and share the AI summary with the team with ease.

How do AI Summaries work?

Once you launch your Canopy project and get the expert answers, click on the Summary button in the left-hand side menu.

Your summary will be automatically generated once we have responses from at least two experts. The report will stay up to date as it’s automatically refreshed as soon as new experts submit their answers.

See the summary answer for each question with key takeaways and find all the supporting quotes below. The expert profiles and quotes are clickable, so you can listen to the full answer or request a follow-up call with any expert.

Click the button at the top right to download it as a PDF and share it with the wider team with ease.

We sincerely hope AI summaries will help you drive efficiency in your research workflows and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Curious to see how it works? If you have an active Canopy project, simply login to Arbolus and check out your summary.

Alternatively, book a quick demo call here or send us a message, and we'll show you exactly how AI Summaries can revolutionize your analysis process.

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