June 10, 2024

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Delivering 4x the expected respondents for a niche B2B survey

Discover how a Big 4 Consulting client exceeded their niche B2B survey goals within 5 days, securing 4x more expert responses than expected.

Client Project 

A Big 4 Consulting client needed to fill a survey with an extremely niche pool of experts who are key decision-makers for purchasing power generators and their maintenance services.


Respondents needed to have a very particular experience with power generators, be able to speak in depth about the providers they use and be familiar with key market dynamics and trends. Considering such a specialised respondent profile, the client needed help to source the required number (20) of respondents in less than a week.

Arbolus Solution

  1. Internal network search 
    Using our platform and AI tools, the team kickstarted the search within Arbolus' internal network, scanning existing expert profiles and previous screening responses.
  2. Custom-sourcing 
    The team broadened the search beyond the internal network and conducted custom research, reaching out to thousands of potential respondents.
  3. Meticulous Pre-screening 
    We carefully pre-screened all potential respondents before sending them the survey, ensuring they’re 100% the right fit.
  4. Support and Follow-up 
    The team ensured timely and high-quality responses, by providing continuous support to the experts at every step


Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 10.30.35

Despite the tight deadline (only 5 days) and the very obscure scope of the project, Arbolus was able to present 4x more experts than the client initially expected and achieved a high-quality response rate within the agreed timeline.

Client Feedback

“We’ve been working with Arbolus on a survey with an extremely challenging sample of customers to reach. They've done an excellent job throughout this process, especially for such a short timeline (only about a week). We were truthfully expecting to receive maybe 5 responses, given the obscure sample, and instead, they have gotten us to 4x more. Arbolus will certainly be at the top of my list when we get another survey in the pipeline.” 

Director at a Big 4 Consultancy


Arbolus B2B surveys 

Off-the-shelf and bespoke panels for any research project across niche B2B markets.

  • Flexible pricing to help reach the most senior profiles

  • All answers attributable

  • Follow-on calls available with every respondent

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