OCTOBER 2, 2023

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Arbolus Product Update - October 2023

New project dashboard, AI summaries and new MCQ types in Canopy - check out our Q3 platform updates.

We kept ourselves busy in Q3! Not only did we release a bunch of new features but also worked tirelessly to improve processes for internal teams so they could be even more productive and efficient when driving your projects forward.

Here are some of the most important updates that will help you save time on your next project. ⬇️

🖇️ Stay in control with the new project dashboard

With so many moving parts of any given project, it can be challenging to keep up. That’s why we’ve completely revamped our project dashboard, to help you stay in control and move forward without any friction.

With its sleek new design, you’ll have a clear oversight of your project to help you stay on top of experts, angles and calls without missing a beat.

✅ Clear calls to action

See clear notifications of any outstanding tasks, such as expert approvals, new messages, or new expert availability.

✅ Angle filtering

Stay focused and tackle one angle at a time, instead of juggling multiple aspects of your research at once.

✅ Upcoming availability

Plan your workload effectively and book calls faster with a clear expert availability section.

Have you seen the new dashboard yet? Login to your account and check it out.

📝 Fast-track analysis with AI summaries

Forget about spending your valuable time on manual data consolidation. ArbolusCanopy helps you gather high N of expert insights via video without spending time on a single call. Now with powerful generative AI, it also automatically synthesizes multiple expert insights into a comprehensive summary report in seconds.

Save time, remove any manual data consolidation from your processes, and speed up the analysis. Here’s where it can help you the most:

  1. Streamline customer interviews in due diligence. Replace countless repetitive, hour-long calls. Collect high volumes of insights via video, download a concise summary report, and jump straight to analysis.
  2. Replace follow-up calls. When more questions come up after the expert call or post-survey, get the answers you need to additional questions without scheduling more calls. Download AI summary reports and quickly access main findings.
  3. ‍‍Get insights when there's little time. Get expert insights via video to support hypothesis creation and address urgent questions. Get to key findings faster with limited budget and without wasting your time.

P.S. AI summaries also have new “follow up” buttons next to expert quotes. Now you can request a follow-up call or ask additional questions through Canopy to get more insights from the best experts at a click.

Read more about AI summaries in our previous blog post.

📊 Get more precise data with new MCQ types

Quantitative data add precision and accuracy to your findings and help you make better decisions with higher conviction. To support this, we introduced more MCQ types to Canopy so you can cover more use cases than ever before, such as NPS, quality ratings, KPC rankings and more.

Here’s what you can do now:

Collect data on NPS or satisfaction scores in Customer due diligence:

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of the service of Arbolus? “

Compare and rank different aspects, companies or key purchasing criteria in market research:

“Rank the following purchasing criteria from the least important (1) to the most important (5)“

Measure market share, impact, growth, or predict the future in market studies:

“How much did your efficiency increase, since starting to use Canopy for every project?" (%)

Did you manage to test out any of the above features? Login to Arbolus and check them out or book a quick demo with our team today.

Akvile Paldauskaite - Product Marketing Manager

Akvile is responsible for developing effective marketing strategies for Arbolus platform and services, driving user acquisition, conversion and retention.

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