April 3, 2024

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Arbolus Product Update - April 2024

The first quarter of 2024 started with an exciting suite of updates, such as New Canopy Builder, Canopy Templates, Arbolus GPT, and improved Find Experts functionality. At Arbolus, our mission is to develop features that seamlessly integrate into your daily workflows, address common challenges when it comes to expert insights, and empower you to excel in your role. 

Let’s dive into how these updates will help you optimize your time and accelerate your expert insight collection process.

πŸ› οΈ Improved Canopy Builder

Arbolus Canopy, our asynchronous video insight tool, is designed to collect expert insights faster - ideal for gaining confidence in a deal ahead of the competition or gathering crucial information before a client meeting. 

We've now revamped the Canopy kick-off process to be a straightforward two-click journey. Now, effortlessly navigate through questions, edit them and adjust the order using simple drag-and-drop, and preview your survey with ease before launch.

βœ… Quick to set up and launch

βœ… Easy to tweak and customize



πŸ“‘ New Canopy Templates

Flexibility is at the heart of Canopy's design. Now when launching a new Canopy, you have three choices: start from scratch, let our AI draft questions based on your brief, or use one of our bespoke Canopy templates! 

Our templates were curated after analyzing over 10,000 client projects, looking for the most common and most insightful questions that bring real insight to your project. Whether you're focusing on customer insights or competitive analysis, our tailored templates serve as a solid start, allowing you to integrate your own questions effortlessly. This new approach to Canopy creation is designed to save you significant time and effort on each project.

βœ… Crafted from 10,000+ projects

βœ… User-friendly and easy to use

βœ… Maximize efficiency with minimal time investment



πŸ‘₯ Reconnect with the most valuable Experts at a click 

At Arbolus, we recognize the value of exceptional expert interactions and keeping those connections at hand for the next project. To streamline the process of reconnecting with the highest quality experts, we've introduced an enhanced expert search functionality. Now you can easily search for all experts you or your team has worked with in the past and re-engage  faster. 

βœ… Foster repeat interactions

βœ… Efficient expert discovery

βœ… Tailored search filters for a streamlined experience



πŸ’‘Use your project information smarter than everyone else

We make sure that clients not only collect expert insights faster but also that they use those insights in the most efficient way. 

ArbolusGPT, our innovative AI Assistant was designed to enable you to query your project data effortlessly - whether gathered through Calls or Canopies, ArbolusGPT searches your project transcripts, providing project-specific customized responses. Whether you’re creating a project readout or a board presentation, you can easily interact with ArbolusGPT, ask quick questions about your project and get a tailored answer based on specific expert answers.  

βœ… Minimize time on manual data analysis

βœ… Custom insights tailored to your project needs

βœ… Immediate access to essential information



The latest suite of updates from Arbolus marks a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing your experience and efficiency in gathering expert insights. With the introduction of Canopy Builder, Canopy Templates, improved Find Experts functionality, and the innovative ArbolusGPT, we've prioritized simplicity, flexibility, and optimizing your time. These updates are not just about collecting insights faster but also about empowering you to leverage those insights smarter, enabling you to make confident decisions with ease. As we continue to evolve, we remain dedicated to providing solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow, address your needs, and accelerate your success. 


If you would like to see a quick demo of our platform, please book a slot with our team. Alternatively, find out more about our platform here.


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