May 15, 2024

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Exceeding survey expectations with 59% market share

Learn how a global consulting firm exceeded survey goals in Clinical Behaviour Analysis within 24 hours, achieving 59% market share.


A global consulting firm launched a survey in the Clinical Behaviour Analysis space, focused on collecting insights from Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, Registered Behaviour Technicians, and ABA Clinical Directors in specific US geographies. 


The client had already launched the survey with 4 other panel providers that were struggling to fulfill their required N of 75. 

Only 40% of the sample had been fulfilled thus far and an additional 43 respondents were needed to reach their goal.

Arbolus Solution

Arbolus targeted specific expert profiles (e.g. BCBAs, RBTs, and ABA Clinical Directors) across a particular set of states, of which a vast population existed. Otherwise, the search remained reasonably broad, and 5,000 external leads were contacted.


In 24 hours, Arbolus delivered an additional 43 respondents, resulting in the client team increasing the overall sample size to 100

The Arbolus team tracked the required quotas and pivoted accordingly e.g. quota met for Florida state so ruled out Florida profiles, targeting employees of differing company sizes (FTEs) as needed.

The following week the client extended their desired N further to 150. In total, the Arbolus team delivered 88 respondents and achieved a market share of 59%.


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Client Feedback

“Arbolus nailed our recent Clinical Behavior Analysis survey. We quickly needed additional respondents and Arbolus surpassed our expectations and stood out compared to other networks. We look forward to working with them on future surveys.” - Consultant, PE practice at a leading Consulting firm


Arbolus B2B surveys 

Off-the-shelf and bespoke panels for any research project across niche B2B markets.

  • Flexible pricing to help reach the most senior profiles

  • All answers attributable

  • Follow-on calls available with every respondent

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