NOVEMBER 21, 2023

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Saving time and budget for market scoping with Canopy

See how Canopy helped a UK mid-market PE firm conduct market scoping faster, save around 10 hours of work and cut costs by almost 50%. 

Client project

A renowned $5bn AUM UK mid-market private equity firm undertook a market scoping project focused on political monitoring solutions. The objective was to gather insights from current and former customers of three different providers.


The fund has a defined budget for any deal pre-IC that limits the number of calls they can run on early-stage deals. In this case, the budget wasn’t enough to cover the necessary angles on three different competitors. Furthermore, they couldn't commit the time to conduct 10 calls before their next IC.

‍Solution and Results

The firm leveraged Canopy to gather multiple expert insights via asynchronous video to save them time.

Within just three days, Canopy delivered 13 expert answers, saving the client approximately 10 hours they would have spent on calls, expert approvals and scheduling. 

The client received over 140 minutes of transcribed video insights alongside quantitative data without needing to juggle calendars and get on expert call.


✅ 13  experts in  3  days

✅ 140 minutes of transcribed video insights 

✅ 10 hours of work saved for the client


Furthermore, the client instantly downloaded an AI-generated report with concise answers to each question and expert quotes. This comprehensive summary was quickly shared with the most relevant stakeholders ahead of IC. 


With Canopy the firm was able to gain all the insights they needed with minimal time and budget investment and without compromising on the quality or quantity of insights they received.

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Client Testimonial

"Canopy delivered insights super fast and cut the cost by almost half for our recent project. The AI summary was concise yet comprehensive, giving us a clear understanding of the main findings quickly and speeding up the analysis.”

About Canopy

With Canopy video Q&A gather expert insights asynchronously via video, so you can spend time on high-value tasks instead of endless expert calls.

No scheduling. No time-consuming calls.

✅ AI-generated summaries with attributable quotes
✅ Combine qualitative and quantitative (MCQ, NPS and more)
✅ All content is easily exportable and shareable.
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