NOVEMBER 16, 2023

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Follow-up insights in 24 hours with Canopy

Learn how Canopy enabled a Big 4 Consulting client to gather follow-up insights from previously engaged experts in 24 hours without conducting a single expert call. 

Client Project

A Big 4 Consulting client was researching the automotive parts and service software space. After conducting several expert calls, a number of critical questions emerged that could materially change the direction of the case. 


The client team was running out of time to conduct additional calls. On top of that, follow-up calls were not initially budgeted for. They needed a way to get additional insights with a limited budget and minimal disruption to their workflow to ensure timely project delivery. 

Solution & Results

By leveraging Canopy, an asynchronous video insights tool, the client received video responses from 5 previously engaged experts within 24 hours, without scheduling and conducting any follow-up calls. This allowed them to seamlessly wrap up the case, removing any disruption while Canopy collected additional insights in the background.

  • 5 expert insights in 24 hrs
  • 45 min of transcribed video insights 
  • 3-page AI summary with key findings
  • 50% less cost

Downloadable AI-powered summary report enabled them to quickly analyze and integrate Canopy findings into their recommendation.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 16.49.39

Client testimonial

“Canopy's quick turnaround saved us a significant amount of time right at the end of our project. We highly recommend Canopy to anyone looking for a hassle-free and efficient way to get follow-up insights.”


About Arbolus

Arbolus is a knowledge-sharing platform investors and consultants use to collect more insights from the best experts, in less time.

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